Manifold Chess Club meets every Monday, from 6pm to 10pm, at the Kin Hut, located at 2730 Departure Bay Rd, in Nanaimo.

Our next session is October 17, 2022. !!!There will not be a session October 10, 2022 as it is Thanksgiving!!!

We provide a space for players interested in casual over the board chess games, and we may also do some tournaments.

The space has a capacity of 89 and we've done an arrangement where 58 can sit and play fairly comfortably, so we have room to grow

For more information send an email to here

View out the front windows into the ocean View straight from the front windows
angled view from the front windows view into kitchen
view from kitchen a table to play on
a picture from the very first session

When I played chess in Winnipeg they had something called the TNT (Tuesday Night Tournament) where they would do one game a week and the tournament would last the month.

It gave players the opportunity to spend an entire week preparing for the next round, if they chose. And I usually did exactly that, and my homework often paid off.

For Manifold, it would be MNT (Monday Night Tournament).

If you're interested in participating, please email so I get an idea of how many players to accomodate

A potential layout:

tables by front windows main area tables


Drop-in : $6 (covers a single session)

A Month of Membership: $20 (covers up to the same day in the next calendar month, eg paying February 8th would expire March 8th)

Please either bring cash or send an e-transfer to . If sending an e-transfer please identify who you are so I know who to credit

The club has a lichess team (which has a discussion forum) at .

If you would like to join this team you will need a lichess account which you can create here

If enough people are interested we will create one or more scheduled weekly online tournaments in whatever format people would like

The club is currently unincorporated but it's a good candidate for a Community Service Co-op

If you have an interest in participating in this process, feel free to get in touch and/or look through (and potentially give your thoughts on) the co-op assessment questions: in Libreoffice format or Microsoft Office format

If you'd prefer just to pay dues and play, that's fine too, so don't feel that anything in this section is mandatory.

If you would like to help with promotion of the club, feel free to download printable flyers to put up in places that you frequent

"Tearaway" style (If you use these, please use scissors to make it easy for people to remove the tearaways): portrait , landscape

Regular style, for places that put the flyer behind glass: portrait, landscape

As per the guidelines here a VIU club must have at least 10 members. If you would like to be a member of a VIU chess club please email if you are a VIU student and would like to be a member of such a club

I have a few use cases where I'd like to make use of Artificial Intelligence for the club, if time and resources allow. One such case is automatic recording of OTB games. Another is game analysis, not just of the quality of moves for which engines are already quite good, but also predictive.

For now, here are a few AI generated perspectives for the club, generated from Hugging Face

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Manifold Chess Club

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a chess club by the beach with a ferry sailing by

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chess club at the kin hut

generated from prompt: "a chess tournament in Nanaimo"

a chess tournament in Nanaimo